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The Prayer Workshop

The Prayer Workshop is designed to help you build a growing, powerful prayer life. This section of the web site is intended to equip and encourage you in your prayer life or to give you materials to assist you in training and discipling others in prayer. These materials are offered to help you grow in your ability to communicate with God. Please continue to check this page, as we will be adding more material on a regular basis.

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Developing a Praise Vocabulary

Learning to Praise God Through the Psalms

The Psalms are filled with praise to God. These prayers are loaded with insights into God's character and His ways. For this reason, the Psalms are an excellent tool for helping you grow in your ability to adore God. In this section of the web site, we will provide you with "praise pointers" from the Psalms. These praise pointers are truths about God and His ways that can enable you to adore Him and exalt Him. Continue to check this page as we work through the Psalms and what they reveal to us about our glorious God.