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Our Purpose

The Prayer Closet Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to challenging believers to a deeper prayer life. This ministry is committed to leading believers into a biblical understanding of prayer and providing the information and motivation to put this biblical teaching about prayer into practice. The name of this ministry has been chosen to convey the main purpose of this ministry: to challenge believers to get alone with God and to pursue genuine fellowship with Him (Matthew 6:6). In connection with this, this ministry is committed to equipping believers in the areas of intercession, spiritual warfare, fasting, and healing. These areas are crucial in developing and maintaining a powerful and effective prayer life. They are also integral to the understanding and practice of prayer.

Our Vision

The vision of The Prayer Closet Ministries, Inc. is to lead believers from a saving knowledge of God to intimate fellowship with God. Prayer is a privilege that God gives to His people. Through regeneration and the Holy Spirit, every believer has a desire as well as a longing to pray and have intimate fellowship with God. Yet, prayer is also a spiritual discipline that has to be developed and practiced. The believer has to grow in how to pray and have fellowship with God. No matter how strong or weak a believer's prayer life is, there is always the possibility of growth and progress. The vision of this ministry is to lead believers from all over the world into a deeper, more intimate prayer life. This ministry seeks to produce believers who are trained in prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, and praying for healing. It is our hope and prayer that this will then be a catalyst for God sending the greatest awakening this world has ever experienced.

Our Goal

The Prayer Closet Ministries, Inc. seeks to bring about the transformed lives for the glory of God. We will strive to reach this goal through the following means:

Our Finances

The Prayer Closet Ministries, Inc. is an incorporated and tax-exempt ministry guided by Dr. Kevin Meador and a board of directors. This ministry operates on the basis of donations. We do not charge for any of our materials or services. This ministry is financially accountable and uses all donations solely for ministry. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt ministry, all donations given to this ministry are tax-deductible according to the fair market value.